Marketing & Customer Self Service

ParkAlto makes your business accessible to customers the way they want enabling conversations that seamlessly move across web, mobile, TXT & email. ParkAlto’s marketing & self service features include:

  • Full marketing website for your business with content management system
  • Prepaid reservations via web & mobile
  • Online account management
  • Pickup requests via TXT, mobile and IVR
  • Automatic upsells via email

Marketing Website & Content Management

ParkAlto is the complete marketing website, reservation & account management portal for your single lot or multisite business.

Total design flexability

Get an attractive easy to use & totally customizable web and mobile site that will draw customers to you.

Templates Galore

We have web design templates developed by our UI experts optimized for multisite operators with dozens of lots to single site operators.

A/B Testing ∓ Analytics

What wording gets you the booking? Don’t guess. ParkAlto lets you try two or more versions of key text and test which works.


Web & Mobile Reservations

Pre-booking & payment gives your customers a guaranteed space, you the money upfront and can significantly reduce your operating costs & improve customer service.

The easiest way to book

Our booking process is streamlined to be easy to use and maximize upsell. The next time the customer books all their booking fields are filled out requiring them simply to enter their entry & exit dates into a web page or their mobile.

Flexibility Fields

You can pick how little or how much data you want to collect at time of booking. Ask for just the minimum or additional fields like flight numbers and vehicle color to improve your operational efficiency.

Enforce your rules

Set black out dates, sell all your inventory and nothing more. Quote different prices based on time, web vs walk-ins and other criteria.

Allow the customer to pay online with credit card or at the lot.

Promo Codes

Distribute promo codes giving customers discounts or free washes, track redemptions against each code and set rules about who, when and how many of each can be used.

Easy check-in

After booking the customer receives a barcode in their email which can be scanned to location their booking for quick check in. Or they can simply present their phone to be scanned at ParkAlto’s parking point of sale.

Prepaid Reservations
Integrated credit card processing
Pay at lot
Enforce booking rules such as black out dates, closed facilities to particular customers, minimum/maximum pre-booking times (and pretty much any other rule you may have) all configurable via your admin console.
Flexiable Fields - Ask for just what you need
Member accounts for faster bookings next time
Member register themselves or password automatically generated and emailed to them after first booking
Member login with Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft username/passwords
Create bundles made up of parking and extra services like washes, or flowers on return
Single use and multi use promo codes
Easy check in with printed barcode or by showing phone

Online Account Management

Put your customers in charge, make their day easier and reduce unprofitable calls by letting customers modify their own reservations, access receipts for past stays and maintain their profile online.

Online Account Management

Online Portal

Customers can manage their profile (name, vehicle plate number, and marketing demographics), view their loyalty balance and modify their bookings via the web and mobile from anywhere.

Access Receipts

Receipts for online payment are automatically emailed to customers that book online. Customers that pay at the lot can login at anytime and access past receipts for expense and tax purposes.

Edit Reservations

The portal makes it easy to edit and create bookings. Bookings can be created directly by the parker or a travel agent or PA can manage bookings for their entrie company.

Customer Can Manage Own Profile
View Loyalty Balance
View Loyalty Transactions
Access Receipts as PDFs.
Access & pay on account invoices
Edit reservations with rules about what can be changed and cancellation fees

Pickup requests via TXT, mobile and IVR

Welcome your customers back into town with a friendly text message. Customers can then reply to request a pickup without tying up staff time with a phone call. Better for your and for them. After a long flight the last thing they want to do is to have to sit through a phone call. Once the pickup request is received it sets task in the system for their car to be fetched.

Text Pickups

Customers receive a TXT message "Hi Bob, welcome back once you've collected your luggage reply with PICKUP and wait outside door #11.". When they reply an alert pops up on your reception's computer.

Mobile Pickups

Along with TXT pickups customer can use the pickup request mobile site if they prefer.


Not all customers understand TXT. ParkAlto can provide an IVR line which when the customer calls it reconizes their mobile number and creates the pickup request for them.

Customer's sent welcome TXT when back in town
Welcome message can be sent based on the return time provided or by ParkAlto monitoring flight arrival data.
Customer can respond to welcome TXT by TXT, mobile website or IVR
Pickup request creates task in system for attendant to fetch the vehicle.

Automatic Follow up & Upsells


Abandoned Booking Emails

Just like Amazon and other large ecommerce retailers if a customer only gets part way though the online booking process ParkAlto sents a helpful email allowing them to complete their booking.

Do you want fries with that?

Generate more revenue from additional services like carwashes. ParkAlto can promote these products during the booking process and again while the customer is away with emails like "Won't it be nice to come back to a nice clean car? Click here to add a wash".

How are we doing?

It costs a lot to gain a customer, make sure you keep them and their friends by knowing about problems as soon as possible. ParkAlto can email your customer after a stay asking for them to complete a quick survey.

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