Holidays are a great time to run a capped price promotion. For example you might offer parking from 24th Dec to 8 Jan for a maximum of $100.

Customers like this as in your marketing you can communicate a very simple message. Your stay will not cost you more than $100. The customer doesn’t need to do any arithmetic they just know their holiday parking is sorted.

How does one set this up in ParkAlto? Easy. First you need to edit your price book that defines your standard rates. Here I’ve opened up our standard rates of $55 for the first 4 days reducing down to $5 per day after 8 days. Then I define the period I’m capping. In this example the total period has been capped at $100:


And where what it looks like on the website:


Other options? It’s pretty much unlimited. Here’s how you would set a cap of a max of $60 a week:



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