Pre book parking systems like ParkAlto are completely flexible, enabling you to control the selling of your exclusive parking products and deliver the best possible service to your customers. Implementing a pre book parking system on your airport website means that you can retail car parking spaces 24/7 and record the total car park occupancy at any time, allowing your airport to spot new opportunities for sale.

Managing costs whether selling direct from the airport, or from a third party is also a key solution to increasing non-aeronautical revenue. A pre-book system allows you to easily change prices or promotions depending on competition, seasonal trends or any other variable.

Pre book software available on all mobile devices is also hugely important to ensuring customers are benefiting from the easiest and most convenient buying process, and one in which is fast becoming a preferred method within the travel industry.

Collecting the inputted data from customers once they pre-book with your airport allows you to spot customer trends and contact them regarding other ancillaries or promotions in the future. This creates a more personalised experience for the customer and a product or service in which they will be more obliged to purchase from.