Coupons are a great way to segment your market so you give a discount to new customers while not discounting what current customers are paying.

Coupons can also be great way to track which of your advertising is bringing you new customers. For example you could setup a coupon that gives new customers 10% off their first booking and advertise two codes e.g.

  • SAVE10 – could be advertised in the local newspaper
  • 10OFF – could be advertised on the radio

Setting Coupons in ParkAlto

From Management > Product Management select Coupons and then click “Add New Coupon”:


From the General tab set how you want to discount the booking. In this example the coupon will take 10% off the customers parking cost but it won’t discount additional services like car washes, etc.


Now click onto the “Usage Restrictions” tab and add a restriction that means each customer can only use this coupon once:


Finally click on to the “Coupon Numbers” tab and click “Add Coupons” twice to add both the “SAVE10” and “10OFF” coupon


Finally click “Save changes” and your coupon numbers are ready to go:


And on the website the customer can see their 10% discount when they request a quote:


Tracking of Bookings

Once bookings start to roll in the Booking Source report in ParkAlto will tell you how many customers your coupon discounts are bringing you and the value of those radio ads.